New package - patrol_finders

We're introducing patrol_finders - a new package in Patrol framework! It was created to make it easier to use Patrol finders in widget tests.

We decided to separate out our finders mechanism to another package, so developers who would like to use Patrol's awesome finders in their widget tests don't need to depend on whole Patrol package. This way you can conveniently use Patrol finders in widget or golden tests, whichever platforms you need to support in your project!

How to use it?#

We made a short tutorial on how to use patrol_finders package separately in widget tests, you can find it in Using Patrol finders in widget tests section.

Does this change affect my Patrol tests?#

If you have already some Patrol tests in your project, there are no breaking changes in this release - everything works the same as before. Though you may see some deprecation warnings in your code - you can get your code aligned with them to prepare for future changes.